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Embrace Your Passion

Rap City Atlanta birthed October 2016 founded by james Shoulders aka Kxng James and co founder Lake Johnson jr aka Dj Lake The Shooter at Highly Unique Radio. Orignally the Friday Night Countdown Show it was changed to RCATL radio show, Kxng James wanted to bring back Rap City the Basement! So he created Rap City ATL. We are now a complete Entertainment Company catering to and teaching the independent world how to become entertainers and learn the game in hip hop! How to record, sell, produce, market, promote, and push yourself as a indie artist into mainstream! We are the school of HipHop! The Pipeline To the UnderGround! In Rap City u can be connected to any service you need to further your career in Music! So if u need a cover u can get it if you need studio time members will be directed Anything u Need somebody in Rap City is connected!

Welcome To Rap City Atlanta

From The Radio To the Stage

In Rap City we do our best to not only expose artist on a live bds broadcast but take them to the next Environment the Stage!! being able to tell us there story hear there story, and then show us there story! We not only teach you to be a voice but also a big time performer! lights, camera, action is what they say and Rap City Atl puts artist to the ultimate test! Live exclusive Interviews that take you right to the stage! We Train superstars

Be Inspired By Everything

I find inspiration all around me.  I try to make my music representative of myself and my generation. I love the places that most people don't give a second glance.

Literally looni "Roaches"

@looniism a heavy hitter artist out in south Ga a Rapcitian with heavy barz and dope records! You can find this artist making moves in the underground streets of Atlanta!!!

Migos "Stir Fry"

Migos smashing over 20 million views now on youtube with this new record stir fry they say they are the greatest hip hop group in the game right now Are they???

Rap city atl ep 6

A star studded Ep heck out this indie Power  with Kd Gotti, Optimus, and Alexis Renee